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Books/ Periodicals/ Newsletter 

Muktibodh is committed to contributing quality publication of authentic work to academia that includes Journals (peer reviewed), Books, Periodicals, Monologues, Newsletter and other need based content.

You may check our latest book titled - 'Strengthening Qualitative Research In Eductaion'

Books publication is another domain of Muktibodh trust. We publish books in various categories such as authored, edited etc. We also facilitate thesis conversion into an academic book. We publish in English, Hindi and Bi-lingual.

We also publish periodicals to organize the periodic achievements and work done by Muktibodh. We also extend our services to publish periodicals of the work done by schools, corporates, individuals or any other stakeholder.

Newsletter published by Muktibodh is another contribution to the field of academic context. This newsletter provides readers the information about news, events or other information related to organization. 

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