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                                                                                  Journal ‘Muktibodh’

The Journal ‘Muktibodh’ is a peer reviewed journal. This journal provides opportunity and forum to researchers, teachers, university teachers of various disciplines, free lancers, and administrators to share their academic learning, innovative ideas, critical perspectives, appraisal of contemporary issues, book reviews, managerial knowledge etc. which ultimately aims to enrich education practices to an extent. The copyright of the articles published in the journal will vest with the Muktibodh and cannot be reproduced in any form without prior permission of Muktibodh. The work must be original, authentic and without plagiarism. Author will be solely responsible for any legal issue emerging out of the article. 

Guidelines for Article Publication

  1. Typed in English (Times New Roman – 12 pt) /Hindi (Kruti dev 10- font- 14 pt).

  2. Margins: top 1.25, Bottom 1.25, Left 1.5 and Right 1.25.

  3. Headings: Main headings except title 14 Bold, Sub headings 12 bold, sub-sub heading 12 Italic.

  4. Maximum word limit is 4000 to 5000.

  5. Abstract in 150 to 200 words in Italics

  6. No foot notes.

  7. Pictures and tables must be given names, if taken a complete source must be mentioned below the table or picture.

  8. Endnotes can be added if necessary.

  9. Full Author name with affiliation.

  10. Reference: at the end of the article. Alphabetical order, APA 7th edition.

  11. Self-declaration certificate of authenticity of the article (Given below) 

  12. Submit at email:

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