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Research Support System

Muktibodh Trust is a non- profit  organization oriented towards research practices which incorporates sponsored and self-sponsored research that covers the broad domain of exploration such as Education, Gender Rights, Gender Diversity, Child Labour, Economic Practices, Environmental Concerns, School Context, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Technology, Education and Social Life, Tourism, Water Conservation, Mental Health, Guidance and Canceling , Childhood and Adolescence Studies, Adulthood and Old Age Studies, Policy and Practice, Sports, Media and Cinema, Community Research Development and so on.

Research Facilitation Practices and Services

Muktibodh does provide facilitation in conducting research such as preparing synopsis, development of tools, validation of tools, data collection, analysis etc. It also provides facilities in editing and proofreading of the research. It also has mastery in providing help in writing research thesis of various levels particularity in the field of Social Sciences and Education. It helps in developing your research with a wide canvas. 

Educational and other Excursion, Learning  and Empowerment

Muktibodh is committed to organize educational excursions for school and college students across India. We collaborate with schools, colleges and other educational institutions for planning their excursions as per their academic need and requirements. We plan one day to multiple days’ educational excursion with specific academic objectives. We also plan excursions for tourist purposes for individuals, pairs and groups, which includes general to religious visits.  

Counseling Services

In today’s life everyone is facing multiple issues regarding human relations, understanding self and others. Some issues are related to education, career and life orientation. Muktibodh provides support in various concerns relating with education particularly during school life, college life and other span periods of life. Educational and child development counseling is our prime specialty. We also organize catharsis sessions in groups where people come together and have fun with light food and music and lots of sharing. 

Professional Development Services

Muktibodh is associated with learned academicians from different universities and professional insinuations. This collaboration provides us scope to provide professional development support to school teachers at various levels. This professional support is with regard to curriculum organization, pedagogical practices, and Learners’ achievement. We also facilitate the Continuous Professional Development practices of school teachers. Special need based facilitation is also our expertise. We also develop customized schemes for school for enhancing teaching skill and CPD such as CCS (Collaborative Colleague Scheme), MIS (Mentoring in School) and so on. Our objective is to provide best practices to schools. To achieve aforesaid, we conduct workshops, seminars, symposium, dialogic collaboration and develop need base schemes. 

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