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More About Us And Management

Who We Are?

MUKTIBODH trust is a Non-Government and Non-Profit making organization. It is working to contribute in making society cohesive, egalitarian and empowered. The prime objective of the trust is to work for liberation. To achieve this larger objective we do work and collaborate with diverse fields such as education, community, occupational training, rehabilitation, ICT, inclusion and diversity, information facilitation, Art and Craft, Publication, organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, educational tours and the list is endless.

Our Management

Founder Chairperson

Ms. Ritu

We are a consulting firm that specializes in providing solutions for social impact and sustainability. Our founder chairperson is Ms. Ritu, who is a social activist with over 12 years of experience in working with various NGOs, foundations and corporates on issues such as gender equality, education, health and environment. She brings her expertise and insights to our projects and helps us deliver high-quality services to our clients. She is also a speaker and a writer who advocates for social change and innovation.

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